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Mountain Adventure is a film lead by some of the world's top-tier snow athletes and environmentalists.  Below is a detailed look into the accomplishments our talented team.


Born in Cooma, Australia, Torah Bright is one of the most inspiring snowboarders of this generation. With an unbridled passion for all things snow (and life), Torah’s illustrious career has been packed with personal and professional achievements. With Olympic Gold & Silver medals to her name she has tasted success across the globe with X-Games Gold medals, TTR World Tours Championships, Global Open Series Titles, FIS World Cups and more. Showing her versatility as a snowboarder, in the 2014 Sochi Olympics she became the first and only athlete to qualify for all three snowboarding disciplines; halfpipe, slopestyle and boarder-cross.


Beyond her competitive achievements, Torah has proved to be an inspiring role model for the next generation. Her infectious energy, and fun loving attitude, has encouraged countless others to follow their dreams and do what they love. As Torah looks to continue to develop her snowboarding career, she plans to spend much more time in the backcountry hunting fresh powder and finding new lines. Mountain Adventure: Out of Bounds captures her on her journey to do just that!

Torah Bright


Sammy Carlson oozes style on the slopes. Taking inspiration from surfing and snowboarding, Sammy is changing the way freeskiing is done. “Surfing” the mountain, Sammy’s approach to some of the heaviest lines you can find in some of the biggest terrain around the world, makes being one of the best freeskiers in the world look really easy. With a history of X Games gold medals as a slopestyle competitor, Sammy is now looking to the big mountains to show off his next level talent. Born in Mount Hood, Oregon, Sammy has since relocated and built his home in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Centered between a handful of some of the most mind-blowing backcountry skiing regions in the world, Revelstoke gives Sammy the chance to find new zones every winter that he can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on skis.


When winter has come and gone, Sammy heads west and south on the hunt for for surf. Sammy’s love for riding waves is almost on par with his love for backcountry skiing. His other passion lies with filmmaking. Sammy and his crew from BC spend much of the year chasing snow and filming for various film projects that have put Sammy’s abilities on TV’s and computer screens around the world. We were happy to find time in Sammy’s busy schedule, and have him host Torah in his “Revy" backyard, while joining her and Jeremy deep in the Alaskan backcountry.

Sammy Carlson


Perhaps the most experienced backcountry snowboarder of all time, Jeremy Jones’ love of mountains goes well beyond his desire to ride them. Jeremy has committed every aspect of his life to the mountains.


Born sliding the icy slopes of the North East USA, Jeremy grew into an accomplished snowboard racer. However, he had bigger visions that took him out of the resorts and into the backcountry, where exploring the untouched mountains around the globe became his passion. Jeremy has now spent decades adventuring through some of the biggest terrain in the world, accomplishing probably more feats than any other backcountry snowboarder to date. Some of those include multiple first descents across the globe, pioneering the foot-powered ski and snowboard movement and earning turns in heavy locations like Svalbard, Japan, Alaska, Antarctica and most notably climbing and riding the first descent of Shangri-la at over 21,000 feet.

Much of Jeremy’s backcountry prowess has been captured in the nearly 70 different snow-related films he’s been profiled in. Many of those films are groundbreaking and award-winning snow films that he and his brothers Steve and Todd Jones at Teton Gravity Research, have produced themselves. Jeremy’s passion for the mountains is perhaps most visible in how he fights to conserve them. In 2007 Jeremy founded the climate change fighting, not for profit organization, Protect Our Winters. He and the POW team have mobilized some of the most influential snow-sports athletes and scientists from around the world to raise awareness and actively fight climate change, and Jeremy himself has been honored by former president Barak Obama with the Champion of Change award. Jeremy and his family live in Truckee CA and when not snowboarding together or enjoying the Sierras as their backyard, they’re found running their leading snowboard brand Jones Snowboards. Jeremy joins Torah on parts of her journey to Alaska, and transfers much of his deep backcountry knowledge to help guide her along the way.

Jeremy Jones
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